Bill Wichers wrote:
I totally agree with you and I know that I'm blocking what I don't want
to, but if I don't, my server gets so busy that nobody can send messages
cause it's a small machine to handle only two domains, one with 2 and
other with 154 accounts, and I only have some load on a business hours.

Is this server delivering mail and are you checking for unknown users at
smtp time (via the chkuser patch)?

Yes. It's all fine. So I think thats the only thing to do is wait...

Just a thought -- if you're just having trouble with misdirected bounces
flooding your server, you might try running the Spamcop rbl since they are
not listing servers that will "misbounce" a message to a forged from:

I'm not sure how that would help, we use the spamcop bl here and it sure didn't help us, 50K bounce messages an hour and it killed out spamd machine.

If you are still having problems though and are running simscan, enable the regex support and add something like this to your simcontrol file, it's what I had to do to reduce the load here.

3a.*:^Subject\x3a.**:^Subject\x3a.*Undeliverable Mail.*

That's all one line btw and not optimized yet, I'm just bringing it on-line now but server load has dropped from qmail-smtp 120/120 to about 30/120



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