On 4/15/2005 2:55 PM, Tom Collins wrote:
> Should we make some updates to vadddomain to automatically create an 
> alias from abuse to postmaster?  We could make that the default and 
> have an option to override it with a particular address...

this in itself is not a good idea.

I appreciate that RFC822 #6.3 requires the 'postmaster' localpart,
however it in no way even hints that this account should be a mailbox
(rather than a forward).

as well, RFC2142 #2 states the 'abuse' localpart must be valid, but
again makes no recommendation on how it should be valid, nor who should
read the mail.

I (et al) run qmail servers with a bit over 2,000 vpopmail-managed
domains.  All of these domains are managed by the end-user via qmailadmin.

In my experience, almost all of these users do not check the existing
"postmaster" mailbox, and instead, let mail fill up the box until it's
at quota.

My suggestion is that qmailadmin should not force users to follow best
current practices, but it should only warn them if they are not
following them.

For example, if there is no abuse mailbox/forward, perhaps some warning
message can be displayed directly after an administrative user logging
in.  I think this method should also exist for the postmaster localpart,
but that'd clearly require a big change in qmailadmin's behavior.

Because qmailadmin automatically assumes that someone will be checking
the "postmaster" mailbox, most end-users dont even realize they should
be checking it.  If setting up the 'postmaster' account were a manual
process for the end-user, it'd be more intuitive to the end-user that
he'd need to be checking it on a regular basis, or should forward it

automatically creating an abuse localpart that forwards to the
postmaster mailbox will only further hurt my servers, as currently the
chkusr patch would simply reject "abuse" at smtp time.


Jeremy Kister

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