Kurt Bigler wrote:
on 4/15/05 11:55 AM, Tom Collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Apr 15, 2005, at 1:30 PM, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:

RFC requires that you have postmaster and abuse addresses.


Should we make some updates to vadddomain to automatically create an alias from abuse to postmaster? We could make that the default and have an option to override it with a particular address...

Please don't.  Many of us chose to ignore certain RFC's for what we consider
reasonable reasons.  (For small domains with little exposure, every standard
address that works is simply a spam trap.  Each such spam trap address can
individually generate mail volume that exceeds *real* usage for the entire
domain by a considerable factor.  I'm also thinking of removing webmaster
from many small-time domains for this reason.)

So why not remove also postmaster account? Imho vpopmail should follow standards by default, if you want a custom configuration you can still make it manually deleting aliases...

Andrea Parrella


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