On Friday 15 April 2005 02:32 pm, Aran Clary Deltac wrote:
> > That would be a good idea.
> > Just as a suggestion: it should be able to add an alias for the
> > postmaster user from qmailadmin so you don't have to manually create
> > .qmail-postmaster - i don't think everyone wants a separate account
> > just for postmaster/abuse.
> Adding
> --------------------
>          -p postmaster_address (an e-mail address within this domain or
> another domain that should be aliased/forwarded to)
> --------------------
> to vadddomain would be real nice.  This would disable asking for a
> password or postmaster@ unless it was being aliased to an address within
> the new domain.

you will still have to ask for a password, vpopmail could just pre-configure a 
forward for the postmaster email.  Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to log 
into qmailadmin to administer the domain


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