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[SMTP-AUTH not preventing "forged" From-header]
>> Dude this is normal behavior.

> No I don't think so, It is a big security issue.

You name it "big security issue", that doesn't necessarily make it
one. It *IS* normal behavior for a (patched) qmail-installation.

If you don't like the way SMTP-AUTH is integrated within qmail: use a
different MTA that fits your needs or rewrite the SMTP-AUTH patch to
make qmail acting the way you like it. If you are unable to handle the
C-code of qmail and the SMTP-AUTH-patch: pay someone to make the
necessary changes who can handle C.


1) Stop crying. The way you find it is the way it *works*
2) Stop bothering this list. This mailing list is about *vpopmail*,
   you have a problem with qmail-smtpd. qmail has it's own mailing
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