On Tuesday 19 April 2005 03:04 pm, Kyle Wheeler wrote:
> On Tuesday, April 19 at 12:32 PM, quoth Jeremy Kitchen:
> > On Monday 18 April 2005 10:48 pm, Rick van Vliet wrote:
> > > You're right  -- Thought I had that one. :\
> > > But if we can stretch this topic - why doesn't vpopmail 'pay attention
> > > to locals or virtualdomains'? Is it just late and I'm space-y?
> >
> > It doesn't do it for any real reason, it just does it because it was
> > poorly designed, and nobody has changed it.
> What do you expect it to do?

I expect it to look at the virtualdomains file to determine what user the 
domain should be handled by (or that it's even there!) and then look up the 
user using standard qmail lookup procedures (check qmail-users first, then 
system users)

I recently had a problem with a customer who was moving one of his domains to 
an exchange server but leaving the qmail server in place for filtering.  I 
took the domain out of virtualdomains and sent qmail-send a HUP signal, 
however, the chkuser patch was still looking for 'valid' users inside the 
vpopmail databases.  This is wrong behavior on vpopmail's part.


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