On Tuesday, April 26 at 10:21 AM, quoth Andrew Niemantsverdriet:
I have been running qmail + vpopmail + qmailscanner + spamassassin +
clamav for a while now. While some spam is caught our detection rate is
not great.

My qmail uses ordb and spamhaus and dsbl for rbl checking. I am using
pretty much stock spamassassin rules. The only thing that is changed is
it uses mysql for per user preferences.

How can I improve our detection? What recommendations does the list

I agree with most of the list - your options are:

1. enable all of the rules that spamassassin has (and install any necessary software
a. Razor2
b. Pyzor
c. DCC
d. DNS rules
2. make sure that it is using and developing bayesian databases

That much has gotten me a VERY good spam detection rate. Beyond that:

3. Add rules from some of the rule archives

4. Finally - examine the spam that doesn't get caught to try and determine patterns. Then you can write your own rules.

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