After some years using qmailadmin (admittedly, not in a mission critical environment) I'm checking out vhostadmin.

What I'm ultimately aiming to do is create a mambo module that can administer domains, e.g. users, mailing lists, etc.

I've downloaded vpopmail-5.5.3 and installed it using my "standard" install script:

./configure \
 --enable-roaming-users \
 --enable-logging=e \
 --disable-passwd \
 --enable-clear-passwd \
 --disable-domainquotas \
 --disable-many-domains \
 --enable-auth-logging \
 --enable-valias \
 --enable-log-name=vpopmail \
 --enable-file-sync \
 --enable-qmail-ext \
 --enable-tcpserver-file=/etc/tcp.smtp \
 && make \
 && make install-strip

I've installed vhostadmin )CVS from 30/04/05 and I can login and the interface "does stuff".

However, I don't see any of the users or mailing lists that exist in my domains.

Is there more config/setup I need to do to see this details, e.g. set up admin privileges, etc. How do I do that?



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