hello all,
I have a problem which i think is a LITTLE out of the ordinary, and i'd
really like some input on what to do, and how to do it right.
Ive been using stock netqmail, and have been editing users by hand for a
while, and then i discover vpopmail!! not only that, but qmailadmin as
But my situation is thus:
I have two instances of qmail running, one where i intend to create
users (all virtual, as advised) and accounts.
The second qmail i intend to use for directing email meant for users in
the SAME domain, but resident in a remote city, having their own, remote
mailserver. I have the remote office's mailserver setup in the same
manner(two qmails) but the users are created in /etc/passwd. To direct
email to the remote  mailserver office, i have the remote users'  home
directories setup with this .qmail: |/var/qmail2/bin/qmail-inject -A
So the remote users email is shunted to the second qmail instance, which
is setup to forward their mail to the remote office's mailserver. (Whew!
all this complexity is just to allow all users in the domain send mail
to each other.This is thanks to expensive bandwidth, and not having true
MX's. )

My question is, can i repeat this with vpopmail? I think i will have to
create all the users (both local & remote) as mailaccounts, but where do
i place/HOW do i place .qmails for each remote user, to redirect their
email to the second qmail instance?

I hope this is clear enough for some one to please help out.Id really
love to keep on using vpopmail, its ease of setup and deployment of
stuff is like no other. So please y'all. Let me hear from you.

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