Payal Rathod wrote:

I am having a strange problem in domain quotas. In vpopmail-5.4.1 I with,
./configure --enable-domainquotas

# pwd
# cat .qmailadmin-limits
maxpopaccounts: -1
maxaliases: -1
maxforwards: -1
maxautoresponders: -1
maxmailinglists: -1
quota: 1
maxmsgcount: 1
default_quota: 0
default_maxmsgcount: 0
perm_account: 0
perm_alias: 0
perm_forward: 0
perm_autoresponder: 0
perm_maillist: 0
perm_quota: 0
perm_defaultquota: 0

Still I can send messages over 1 Mb and more messages than 1 even though maxmsgcount=1 is specified.

What am I missing here?

The (undocumened) fact that they have been broken long since.

Use OS-quotas or just bill-by-volume and employ any of the homegrown "report-usage"-scripts... ;-)

cheers, Rainer

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