others, pop3 based, use their own "databases". btw, they (can) keep the inbound mail in the pop3 server. anyway, if you can live with sqwebmail, do it. it is awesome, and, really, no imap/no pop. so, humble advice - if you (can) have the webmail on the same server, use sqwebmail. if you can not (not using your own mail server or other reason) - check if you can use imap. if you don't - use pop3.

wwell edi

Charles J. Boening wrote:

Sqwebmail reads a user maildir directory.  No IMAP and no POP.


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If you need performance you should use sqwebmail,

Doesn't webmailing require IMAP? (Because of mail storage) If my mind is right I read IMAP was a good deal for webmailing and POP was good if people fetch their messages somewhere...

And as far as I read vpopmail does not do IMAP. is not it?

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