On Friday 06 May 2005 05:08 pm, Andrew Preece wrote:
> I know this probably isn't the right mailing list to post this, but the
> problem I'm having seems to be partially caused by vpopmail.
> I'm a gentoo user, and I hacked the qmail ebuild to include the qmail-tap
> patch, but whenever it logs an email, it logs it once for each alias it
> goes through on the system,

assuming you're talking about 'forwards' of course this will happen.

when a .qmail file with a '&' delivery instruction (forward) is encountered, 
qmail-local queues a new message with the recipient.  This will cause the 
qmail-tap patch (or stock qmail with the QUEUE_EXTRA modification) to again 
process the extra recipient.

There is no way around this, however, there are methods of eliminating 
duplicate messages at delivery time (procmail, maildrop)


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