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> Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 11:00 AM
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> Subject: [vchkpw] filtering and forwarding
> Hello all,
> Sorry if I`m asking questions covered already.  I couldn't 
> find anything in the archives.
> I have a qmail/vpopmail 5.4.10 server set up with 
> SquirrelMail.  I use qmail-scanner and spamassassin to tag 
> spam messages at reception.  I can easily use maildrop 
> filters to move these messages into IMAP folders or delete 
> them completely, depending on what each user wants.  What I 
> was wondering is if there was a way to forward messages AFTER 
> passing through the maildrop filter.  I have some users using 
> Blackberries, and forward all their messages to their 
> blackberry email address.  The problem is, if I activate 
> standard forwarding in qmailadmin, and add a maildrop filter 
> to the .qmail file, each are treated seperately, obviously by 
> design.  Is there any way to wrap them both together, to have 
> filtering somehow done before forwarding?
> At the moment, qmail-scanner will delete obvious spam, with 
> SA scores of
> 12 or more, but for less obvious ones, I prefer to let the 
> users decide how to treat them.

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