Hello Ken and other people,

  I wasn't writing for a long time ;)

  Today I tried to compile 5.4.11 version but it stucked with problem
  in vdelivermail in line 205 - there is a for loop but counter (i) is
  not initialized, so I've added int i; at the beginning of
  get_arguments function. Please add it to next release ;-)

  Here you have almost whole function:

void get_arguments(int argc, char **argv)
 char *tmpstr;
 int i;    < --- this is what I've added

    if (argc != 3) {
        /* exit with temporary error */
        vexiterr (EXIT_DEFER, "vdelivermail: invalid syntax in .qmail-default 

    /* get the last parameter in the .qmail-default file */
    strncpy(bounce, argv[2], sizeof(bounce));

    if ((tmpstr=getenv("EXT")) == NULL ) {
        vexiterr (EXIT_BOUNCE, "vdelivermail: no EXT environment varilable");
    snprintf (TheUser, sizeof(TheUser), "%s", tmpstr);

    if ((tmpstr=getenv("HOST")) == NULL ) {
        vexiterr (EXIT_BOUNCE, "vdelivermail: no HOST environment varilable");
    snprintf (TheDomain, sizeof(TheDomain), "%s", tmpstr);


    if ( is_username_valid(TheUser) != 0 )
        vexiterr (EXIT_BOUNCE, "invalid username");
    if ( is_domain_valid(TheDomain) != 0 )
        vexiterr (EXIT_BOUNCE, "invalid domain name");

    strncpy(TheUserFull, TheUser, sizeof(TheUserFull));

#ifdef QMAIL_EXT
    /* delete the '-' and following chars if any and store in TheUserExt */
    for(i = 0; (TheUser[i] != 0) && (TheUser[i] != '-' ); i++) {
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ problem was in the above line
        TheUserExt[i] = TheUser[i];
    TheUserExt[i] = 0;

    if ( is_username_valid(TheUserExt) != 0 ) {


  However, my question is not connected with that problem. I'm looking
  for implementation of qmail-smtpd with vchkpw which will check if
  recipient of the message exists and if not gives 553 error (no
  mailbox here by that name).

  I've found the following
  but it seems to work with fastforward and checks for users in
  .cdb file.

  Do you know any other idea for recipient checking based on vchkpw ?
  It would be great if vchkpw have possibility to work with that.

  thanks for your quick answer :)

Sylwester Biernacki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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