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On Saturday, May 14, 2005, 7:44:02 AM, Fernando wrote:

People, after i rebuild new 5.4.10 vpopmail version, when i add
a new domain from CLI, breaks the typical structure of
for this one
with numbers like 2,3, etc ... before the domain ... why it is this happening?

count how much domains you have in your ~vpopmail/domains/ dir - it is very useful if you have 100s of domains - all of them in one directory could grow to the FD limit on the directory and operations on that directory would be very very very slow. It's due to filesystem limits. We have better and better filesystems with journaling but this idea is one of the milestones in all unixes few years ago ;-)

you have similar solution in postfix where all mailboxes in domain are
divided into directories i.e.

AFAIR if you don't want to use it check your configure options for
--enable-large-site=y and change it to 'n'

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