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I've set up a qmail server with vpopmail and vchkpw authentication on a Gentoo box. When I try to send mail through the smtp server from a remote host, I have to authenticate 3 times before I come through. My /var/log/messages files looks like this during the authentications:

May 12 15:57:15 jupiter vpopmail[15822]: vchkpw-smtp: password fail [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
May 12 15:57:23 jupiter vpopmail[15824]: vchkpw-smtp: password fail [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
May 12 15:57:31 jupiter vpopmail[15826]: vchkpw-smtp: password fail [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
May 12 15:57:36 jupiter vpopmail[15828]: vchkpw-smtp: (PLAIN) login success [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

Two possibilities.

1) You don't have cleartext passwords enabled for vpopmail, so only encrypted passwords are stored in the user database. The CRAM-MD5 SMTP AUTH method requires the cleartext password on the server end.

2) You've patched qmail-smtpd with an older SMTP AUTH patch that passes the parameters for CRAM-MD5 in the wrong order. Vpopmail versions prior to 5.4, expected the parameters in the wrong order, but we fixed that in 5.4 and later. As a result, it broke SMTP AUTH in qmail-smtpd with the wrong patch. There's a version of the patch in the vpopmail contrib directory that will work.

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