Hello list.

I have a question, specially for Tom, since you already know about the problem a bit (aug 2003).

Long ago someone posted this:

"I noticed something weird, call it a bug of spooky feature =) its on you Now the thing is that I can send email although vchkpw says that the password fails, but yet when I enter the password wrong I am not able to send email, and again it works when I enter right password. Always the same error =) I had loglevel=e in configure options, now when I changed it to y the error disappeared and vchkpw works nicely."

Tom asked about the vpopmail version, "And to summarize, the bug is that password fail is logged, even when successful? And this only happens with loglevel=e, and not loglevel=y. Correct?"

All this is happening to me now, with vpopmail version 5.4.9. I didn't specified any special configuration for loglevel, so it's using the default value.

Did you found the root of this problem? I'm having weird problems, for some users the smtp transactions take too long, and the first thing I saw was this log message. Maybe is not related, but I need to check this too.

-- Oscar Retana, GridShield San Josť, Costa Rica http://www.gridshield.net/

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