On Thursday 19 May 2005 3:19 pm, Oscar Retana wrote:
> Hello list.
> I have a question, specially for Tom, since you already
> know about the problem a bit (aug 2003).
> Long ago someone posted this:
> "I noticed something weird, call it a bug of spooky
> feature =) its on you Now the thing is that I can send
> email although vchkpw says that the password fails, but
> yet when I enter the password wrong I am not able to send
> email, and again it works when I enter right password.
> Always the same error =) I had loglevel=e in configure
> options, now when I changed it to y the error disappeared
> and vchkpw works nicely."
> Tom asked about the vpopmail version, "And to summarize,
> the bug is that password fail is logged, even when
> successful? And this only happens with loglevel=e, and not
> loglevel=y. Correct?"
> All this is happening to me now, with vpopmail version
> 5.4.9. I didn't specified any special configuration for
> loglevel, so it's using the default value.
> Did you found the root of this problem? I'm having weird
> problems, for some users the smtp transactions take too
> long, and the first thing I saw was this log message.
> Maybe is not related, but I need to check this too.

If you are using a mysql backend, be sure the max_connections
is enough to handle smtp, pop, imap and local concurrency total
maxium connections.

Ken Jones

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