On Friday 20 May 2005 09:48 am, Shane Metler wrote:
> Hi list,
> I have a Qmail cluster running, using Gentoo's patched versions of
> Qmail, vpopmail (using MySQL replication), Courier-imap, and then
> Courier-authlib linked to authvchkpw for IMAP & POP3 authentication.
> qmail-1.03
> vpopmail-5.4.6
> courier-imap-4.0.1
> courier-authlib-0.55
> MySQL replication is set up with a remote Master server for
> writes/updates, and a local Slave server for authentication reads.
> This setup works fine. MySQL is replicating, SMTP and POP3
> authentication is working, and all mail delivery is fine ... On the
> surface there are no issues with these mail servers.
> But I noticed (while testing POP3 connections) that both the read and
> the write MySQL servers have persistent connections opened up (user:
> vpopsqluser, table: vpopmail ) after checking mail once via POP3.

all vpopmail processes are short lived.  If there is an open mysql connection 
for any reason for more than about 3 seconds, there's a bug.

I would recommend upgrading to a newer version, as I believe this bug has been 

Then again, I would also recommend removing gentoo's qmail ebuilds and 
installing it by hand.. but that's a discussion for another day.


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