Thank you Tom!

I don't use "pop-before-smtp", so I don't need "--enable-tcpserver-file=PATH"

Ok, in order to continue in the troubleshotting of my "vchkpw: pasword fails" problem I need to get clarified a couple of things. I don't know exactly what this options are for (and the docs doesn't explain it much)

Don't use file locking.

This applys only to messages, right? I guess is not related at all to the process vchkpw does? The vpasswd.cdb file is never locked for reading, right?

I did some test on my "vpasswd.cdb" file, and a lookup takes aboyt 3 mili-seconds. I think that's not bad, but I don't know if vpopmail allows concurrent reads over the cdb file, or if some kind of file locks is used to disallow that.

--disable-make-seekable Don't try to make input to vdelivermail seekable.

Where does apply this? Sorry, I don't understand what is for.

Thanks a lot!

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