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Patrick Donker wrote:

Rick Macdougall wrote:


It's looking for the mysql libs, not includes. On some of my systems it's in /usr/lib/mysql, in others it's in /usr/local/mysql/lib

A locate libmysqlclient.a should show you where yours is.

Shoot me if I understand, but I have cleaned up my env and deleted all files related to this build and now it suddenly works!

PS - domainquotas do not work.

So, if it doesnt work, why is it there then? Future feature?


There was an older version where domain quotas sort of worked but the overhead involved when you had more than a few users was over whelming, at least that is my understanding.

I think that option should probably be removed in future releases, Tom or Ken ? You hear that? Any thoughts.



Does enabling it has any impact on performance, or is it just a dead feature?

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