Tom Collins wrote:

On May 21, 2005, at 6:02 AM, Patrick Donker wrote:

Does enabling it has any impact on performance, or is it just a dead feature?

I think the premise is to read all of the user quotas (rebuilding any that are outdated) and summing them up to see if they're over the domain quota before receiving the message. Even when working, it will add significant overhead to every message received, especially if you have a lot of users in the domain.

Now imagine a large server with lots of domains and users, and a fairly heavy load. Install a new version of vopomail and enable this feature. At first every single mail delivery will have to traverse the entire domain directory tree and stat every file in it to sum its size. Eventually all the totals will be cached and it'll go much faster... if the machine doesn't melt down first. From what I've seen on the list most people shut it down and leave it off as soon as they figure out why the machine went crazy.

Maybe part of the answer is a program that would calculate the cached size values before you let domain quotas lose on a system...


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