Jimmy Stewpot wrote:

>I am currently running a fairly busy email server with around 30 domains
>and several hundred high usage users sending and receiving email. I have
>currently setup the system so that It is running without any virus
>scanning. Its setup something like this
>rblsmtpd --> qmail --> .qmail file (which then pipes to spamc) then
>vpopmail delivers the email.
>The whole system works fairly well however I would like to start using
>virus scanning. I have been recommended simscan by people on the qmail
>list. There are some questions that I have im hoping that people can answer.
>Does simscan integrate perfectly with vpopmail. I cant see any reason
>why it wouldnt but i would still like clarification on that.
Actually simscan has nothing to do with vpopmail, because simscan
operates at the smtp level. If it detects a virus or spam with a higher
score than that set by you it will reject the message. I'm currently
using simscan with clamav and spamassassin and have no problems.

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