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Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
| On Wednesday 18 May 2005 12:45 pm, Payal Rathod wrote:
|>The other day a friend showed interest in qmail server. He is running
|>sendmail for many years and wants to shift to a better MTA (for his
|>moderately loaded server of 3 thousand users) during hardware change. I
|>have advised him qmail + vpopmail combo, but am scared of one thing
|>only. Can cdb handle that lot of recompiling (he surely does not want
|>any kind of sql) because almost all his users are roaming users?
| don't use vpopmail's roaming-users functionality if you want
| authentication, use Bruce Guenter's relay-ctrl package.

vpopmail's roaming users should be fine for a smaller system such as
this one.  You wouldn't nessarily want to use it in a clustered
environment, but it should be fine for a single-server, smaller
configuration.  If you're clustered, or planning on clustering,
then Matt Simmerson's tcpserver patch would be a good alternative.

| However, I wouldn't even use pop-before-smtp.. I would set up SMTP
| authentication and require that.

Agreed.  SMTP authentication is the prefered method these days,
but, if because of your user-base, this is not feasable, roaming
users should be fine in this type of environment.

| -Jeremy

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