On May 24, 2005, at 7:25 PM, Matt Simerson wrote:
So, I turned to vmysql.c and noticed a timeout setting there that
affects the mysql connection timeout. I bumped it up from 2 to 5, and
it has reduced the failure frequency but it's still happening fairly
regularly. There are some slow queries in MySQL, but only 15 from the
last day, so that doesn't even closely correspond with 300 "no found"

So, anyone got ideas on how to debug this issue further?

Thanks for taking such a detailed look at this problem. I think you've nailed it right there -- the server (or MySQL) gets bogged down to the point where it can't answer the query in under 5 seconds. Vpopmail times out and its only option is to reply that the login failed.

Increasing that timeout to 10 or even 15 seconds shouldn't have a negative impact -- it will make vpopmail more tolerant of slow responses.

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