On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 09:21:37AM -0700, Tom Collins wrote:
> >which .qmail-* file will be used for user rp?
> .qmail-rp.  qmail-local will find and use that file before it uses 
> .qmail-default.

Thanks Rick and Tom for the patience shown here.

> If you didn't have a .qmail-rp, and you did have the vdelivermail line 
> in .qmail-default AFTER your script, qmail-local would process the 
> .qmail-default file, run your script first, then vdelivermail.  
> vdelivermail would find rp/.qmail (assuming you created an rp user 
> with vadduser) and forward the message to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Well, I have always created users with vadduser.
Now, my question is what will be the contents of .qmail default if,

- rp/.qmail is present
- and if rp/.qmail is not present

and I want to execute my script.

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