I've added ~vpopmail/etc/defaultdomain
# echo "domain.com" > ~vpopmail/etc/defaultdomain
restart qmail, courier-imap...
nothing happends

#telnet 110
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Hello there.
user user
+OK Password required.
pass ****
-ERR Login failed.
+OK Password required.
pass ****(the same)
+OK logged in.
+OK Bye-bye.

We are using:
 qmail-1.03_3        A secure, reliable, efficient, simple, and fast MTA
vpopmail-5.4.10 Easy virtual domain and authentication package for use with mysql support courier-imap-4.0.3,1 IMAP (and POP3) server that provides access to Maildir mail

ianfp wrote:

you must set the domain that you want to be default to vpopmailhome/etc/defaultdomain

Anton Butsyk wrote:

Hi all.
We have qmail + vpopmail-mysql + courier-imap  installation on FreeBSD.
Have domain farm with large number of users per one.
Users can receive mail via imap, pop3 and user name during login looks
like [EMAIL PROTECTED] and password than.

Please tell is it possible to auth users for one domain in the farm only via username without domain.



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