On Jun 2, 2005, at 5:52 AM, Stoyan Marinov wrote:
One of our customers noticed a strange behavior: he has an alias "lowem" and another alias "lowem-yahoo3" and when somebody sends an e-mail to "lowem-yahoo2" for example the mail is delivered to the valias_line of "lowem". I found that when vdelivermail can't find alias with this name it starts looking for some kind of wildcard (I'm still trying to find out what exactly it does) and it seems that for some reason "lowem-yahoo*" is matching "lowem" (??). Can someone tell me if this piece of code is really useful?

If you don't like it, compile vpopmail with --disable-qmail-ext (default behavior).

The code you copied will look for lowem-default. With qmail-ext enabled, it will match on lowem.

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