i've finally gathered the necessary testicular fortitude to update my current vpopmail installation from 5.3.18 to current (5.4.10). i last approached the task, but put it off, back in april 2004. at that time, my concern was the change in vpopmail that eliminated aliases and went to forwarding for all such deliveries. was unsure what would happen to deliveries to existing aliases after the upgrade. i'm running mysql as the auth backend.

Tom's response at the time was to use dotqmail2valias to convert the .qmail-alias files to mysql valias table entries. he also stated that if i didn't choose to run dot2mail2valias, the existing aliases woudl continue to work fine.

all well and good.

reviewing the list archives, i ran across a few troubling messages from may 2004. a user stated that he ran dotqmail2valias -a, and that it created the valias table - but didn't populate it, thus leaving him with all aliases toasted, and dotqmail2valias deleted all the .qmail-alias files. i reviewed the changelog, but saw no specific message of such a bug having been addressed. is there cause for worry?

assuming dotqmail2valias does work, my next question is the ordered of steps. do i:

1. upgrade my vpopmail installation
2. run dotqmail2valias -a


1. run dotqmail2valias -a from within the src dir
2. then upgrade my vpopmail installation

sorry for the length of this, but since this is a production system with a few tens of thousands of users, i'm....cautious, i hope understandably. of course i have a backup, but obviously would prefer to avoid any situation that might cause me to employ it!

thanks in advance.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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