Sounds correct.

After waiting few minutes, I received my connexion, but only after update
the tcp.smtp with your new settings.

Where can I found a complete description of all these parameters?

I will test again and check my /$%?&* Microsoft DNS server.  

Long life to BIND :)

Best regards


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On Mon, 2005-06-06 at 22:14 -0400, Martin Leduc wrote:
> Good evening folks,
> I would like to understand something regarding the /etc/tcp.smtp file.
> I have this configuration
> 192.168.1.:allow,RELAYCLIENT=""
> 127.:allow,RELAYCLIENT=""
> When I connect using telnet on I got my server header
> Trying
> Connected to
> Escape character is '^]'.
> 220 ESMTP
> When I try using, my actual server I got nothing, and I don't 
> have any firewall on my tcp 25 port ;).

It could be dns related, try waiting for a fairly long time to see if
qmail responds.  

You could also try



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