Hi Charlie,

well, it manifested as people unable to log in - intermittently. as well, it seemed to affect customers who both imapped in via a client, and also had others at the same IP address who came in via webmail (i run up-imapproxy, and it would show errors about the same time for a given IP).

however, a second rebuild of courier appears to have 'solved' the problem. of course, solutions where you don't know exactly what the fix was have a tendency to bite you in the ass later, so i've got a lot of investigating to do. Tom Collins suggested i review Shupp's toaster docs for help getting the latest courier going, which i think i'll do - after i get some sleep!

thanks for your help.


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What kind of imap problems?  I'm running the latest courier (imap only)
with vpop 5.4.10 and haven't had any issues.

Specifically courier-imap-4.0.2 and courier-authlib-0.55


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> i need to revert from 5.4.10 back to 5.3.18. is there any way
> to 'reverse' the dotqmail2valias that i ran? i've been
> screwed the last two days, and have to get back to stability
> or i'm going to start losing customers. it's definitely
> associated with IMAP/courier-imap (old version, 2.1.2), but
> options there are even fewer (we all know how mr. sam feels
> about vpopmail).
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