I have an ancient machine running vpopmail 3.4.11, and would like to replace it with a new machine running 5.4.2. I'm running into problems migrating the accounts, and would like to ask for pointers or help.

I compiled qmail and vpopmail on the new machine, and verified that the entire setup does work. To migrate the user accounts, I copied the ~vpopmail/domains directory from the old machine to the new one, but I get authentication errors. (Accounts created on the new machine authenticate just fine, but not the migrated accounts).

Looking through the vpasswd files, I see there are a few minor differences in the format, so I massaged the entries for migrated domains to match, but I still get authentication errors.

If I try to manipulate migrated accounts, I am told "Error: Domain does not exist." If anyone can tell me what I need to do to get the migrated accounts to work, I will be very grateful!


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