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I just redid my QMail Rocks installation again on Fedora Core 3. I did a lot more checking this time with SUIDPerl and made sure it was solid prior to install. Installation went error free. QMail is receiving email and sending them to our outlook clients. But..... Sending mail will reach it's destination, but the scanner is stripping the header. Email arrive to their destination as
UnknownSender and (no subject)
there was info in both those fields when I sent them!

Anyone have an idea what is causing this?

Are you using the "formail" utility anywhere in your scripts before the mail gets sent?

I once had a similar problem, where formail would add an mbox-style From header to the top of the email, which smtp servers would take as the first line of the body of an email without headers, and then things would get all mangled.

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