Thanks for your reply. I found the error: I had to change
/var/qmail/assign paths from /home to /var - I had to do the same for
all pat's in /var/vpopmail/domains/domain.com/user/vpasswd

Then I could log in after deleting the vpasswd.cdb file.

I guess you have no script witch would do that automatically?

Thanks and best

On 6/8/05, Ken Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 June 2005 3:27 am, Zeno Davatz wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > We have a new server and I would like to transfer all the
> > vpopmail-users to our new server. So far I transferred
> > /var/qmail/users and /var/vpopmail/domains to my new server. But
> > authentication does not want to work yet, so I can not log in through
> > sqwebmail. Any hints anyone?
> >
> > Thanks for any Feedback.
> > Zeno
> check the /var/qmail/users/assign file to make sure the uid/gid of
> vpopmail/vchkpw match what is in your new systems /etc/passwd file.
> You might also set the permissions on /var/vpopmail/
> chown -R vpopmail:vchkpw /var/vpopmail
> Cheers,
> Ken Jones

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