Ken Schweigert wrote:

Similar to a question posted by Anton Butsyk on June 2nd, I would like
to know if it's possible to setup POP authentication to be either the
[EMAIL PROTECTED] OR just username.

We just migrated a client over from a Sendmail install to a
debian-3.1+netqmail-1.05+vpopmail-5.4.10 install.  vpopmail was
configured with "./configure --enable-logging=v".  There is only one
domain on the machine and I wanted to use vpopmail so we did not have
any system user accounts.

Now that everything is setup and running fine, we're finding that all
the users (300 or so) were configured to login with just username.  To
make it more complicated, the help desk has already configured a few
dozen users to login as [EMAIL PROTECTED]

So my situation is that I need users to be able to login either way. Is this possible? Will recompiling with the
"--enable-default-domain=<domain name>" accomplish this?


defaultdomain in ~vpopmail/etc

Just add the one domain you want to be able use [EMAIL PROTECTED] and user to the file defaultdomain (create it if it doesn't exist)



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