On 6/9/05, Rick Macdougall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Ken Schweigert wrote:
> >Similar to a question posted by Anton Butsyk on June 2nd, I would like
> >to know if it's possible to setup POP authentication to be either the
> >[EMAIL PROTECTED] OR just username.
> >
> >We just migrated a client over from a Sendmail install to a
> >debian-3.1+netqmail-1.05+vpopmail-5.4.10 install.  vpopmail was
> >configured with "./configure --enable-logging=v".  There is only one
> >domain on the machine and I wanted to use vpopmail so we did not have
> >any system user accounts.
> >
> >Now that everything is setup and running fine, we're finding that all
> >the users (300 or so) were configured to login with just username.  To
> >make it more complicated, the help desk has already configured a few
> >dozen users to login as [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >
> >So my situation is that I need users to be able to login either way.
> >Is this possible?  Will recompiling with the
> >"--enable-default-domain=<domain name>" accomplish this?
> >
> >Thanks!
> >-ken
> >
> >
> Hi,
> defaultdomain in ~vpopmail/etc
> Just add the one domain you want to be able use [EMAIL PROTECTED] and user to
> the file defaultdomain (create it if it doesn't exist)
> Regards,
> Rick

Thank you, that works perfectly.

A follow-up question ... if I add a second virtual domain to the
machine will I need to add that domain to the defaultdomain file to
get the same results for the new domain or will defaultdomain only
work for one domain?


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