Hey guys. 

I'm having a challenge creating an ezmlm list using anything but qmailadmin.

I have a situation where I'm required to allow web users create a series of
lists. Each list should have its own name created by the web-user. . 
Reading the ezmlm faqs and manuals, they say I have to have
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  to create a list. I'm required to have
[EMAIL PROTECTED] . My challenge is that I cant seem to get
vpopmail to understand that I have created a list via ezmlm-make. 

I'm running vpopmail/ezmlm using mysql.

Also the directories of these lists are required to be in the users own web
directories (created by the webserver), located in my public_html.
(Basically the webserver will be executing the commands via PHP to create
the lists) 

I can create a list using qmailadmin, but I noticed that it puts all of the
list files and .qmail files in /home/vpopmail/domains/(domainName)/ 

So here are my series of questions: 
1.) how do I create a list that vpopmail can recognize ?
2.) how can I get that list's directory in the web users "web space"
3.) any other help with my situation is appreciated, after 3 days I have yet
to create a list via the command-line that has worked.


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