On Jun 12, 2005, at 6:35 PM, Jason wrote:
I can create a list using qmailadmin, but I noticed that it puts all of the
list files and .qmail files in /home/vpopmail/domains/(domainName)/

So here are my series of questions:
1.) how do I create a list that vpopmail can recognize ?
2.) how can I get that list's directory in the web users "web space"
3.) any other help with my situation is appreciated, after 3 days I have yet
to create a list via the command-line that has worked.

Read up on how qmail and qmail-local work, and you'll learn why your requirements won't work. You need to have the .qmail-alias files somewhere that qmail-local can find them.

If you're only creating lists, you could set up the users/assign file to point domains into the web space directory, but then you're going to run into permissions problems.

Your best bet might be to come up with a way to modify qmailadmin to suit your needs (like disabling everything but mailing list support in it).

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