> The ideal scene for me would be if vpopmail could provide a means for
> doing
> this. To set the internal-only account I'd like to end up going to
> Qmailadmin, editing the properties of some user account, and just
> the new check-box: "( ) Internal-only account";

Look at how vpopmail implements things like disabling inbound mail and
disabling smtp auth functionality. What you're looking for would require
qmail integration, or integration with the chkuser patches. Then you
could add flags for disable external relay, and disable external inbound

> I have no idea of how this could be implemented by vpopmail. Can
> out there imagine something?
Sounds not terribly difficult, and does actually sound pretty useful.
Similar functionality exists in commercial servers like Exchange and
Domino, so obviously other folks find it useful.

Hope that helps,

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