With the QMAILQUEUE patch it's possible to add a program that scans the passing messages(local and remote) and block some of them, based on certain criteria. Correct? (that's how inter7's simscan software works)

With this, I could add a program to filter the passing messages to block the internal<-to->external messages only for the internal-only accounts. The program would get the internal-only accounts list from a text file with the list of internal-only accounts.

What do you think of this idea? Going on with this idea I see a possibility for vpopmail.

If vpopmail start supporting a new user property, "INTERNAL", inside vpasswd file, like the prototype bellow:

patrick:$1$oza9XaY.qO8uXhlaR701:1:0:patrick is internal only:/var/vpopmail/domains/

And added a tool like 'vsetinternaluser' to set this parameter inside vpasswd file, And provided this program to be added by QMAILQUEUE variable, which would look for the INTERNAL property inside each vpasswd file,

Then we would have this feature fully implemented.

Someone agree?

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