Tom Collins <tom <at>> writes:

> On Jun 13, 2005, at 1:48 PM, Andrew Hodgson wrote:
> > I have a Vpopmail with aliases set up with more than one user in the
> > alias:
> >
> > sales       joe.blow, john.smith
> >
> > Now sometimes when a user sends messages to one of these aliases the
> > message will get stuck in the queue, and they will receive multiple
> > copies,
> If there's a problem delivering to john.smith that causes a deferral, 
> the message will go to joe.blow again on the next attempt (and get a 
> deferral delivering to john.smith and thus loop up).

Now I am back in work I don't even know if this is a Vpopmail problem.  I ahve 
been logging the state at which this occurs and have found that the ID of the 
message is always 250676 in the queue, so the command find /var/qmail/queue -
name 250676 will always give the stuck message.  Furthermore if you write to 
the alias again after removing the message from the queue, it will subsequently 
be given the same ID and will stick again.

Any ideas?

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