Hi Casey,

patrick:$1$oza9XaY.qO8uXhlaR701:1:0:patrick is internal
You'd at least need an extra colon before INTERNAL, because there's already
the optional NOQUOTA property.
Wouldn't the string NOQUOTA be exactly in the place where there is a 60MB in my example above?

I don't work for a large corporation anymore (thank the gods) and I know their
opinions on things differ greatly from mine and often what is logical in
anyone's mind, but my gut feeling on this is that if you can't trust an
employee enough to allow them to send email out, then you shouldn't give that
employee a half-arsed E-mail account at all.
I understand your point. Makes sense. But this feature is still useful, and there are commercial mail servers providing it, so I want to be able to do this with qmail and vpopmail (or other add-on software that can do this in place of vpopmail)

I will try with vpopmail more. The vpopmail developers didn't show up until now to give their opinion, maybe they're too busy. Let's wait.

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