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Rick Macdougall wrote:

If you aren't seeing the blank emails in the original To address, post your .qmail file here and we'll try to debug it. I'm off to eat and sleep soon and since Tom and Ken don't seem to be around right now, you may not get an answer back till the morning.

I don't use .qmail files because i've users defined in vpopmail sql table and aliases defined in valias sql table. Probably i must add the path of the maildir in the valias table. Is valias table read like .qmail files? So if the user isn't in the valias table the email is delivered to default directory otherwise is delivered ONLY to mailboxes or aliases defined in valias table.


You'll have to wait for one of the devs to comment on that, I've never tested the mysql valias functionality.

But, yes, if the user is not in the valias table it would be delivered normally. If they are in the valias table, then it would only get delivered to the addresses listed.



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