Hey all

The servers I have now are Gentoo boxen - and we're migrating to Debian.

Following the qmailrocks guidelines, I've been able to bring everything up
on my Debian servers with a minimum amount of hassle, but my question
regards migration.

I was not able to bring vpopmail online with mysql integration on these
Debian machines - though vpopmail appears to work without it.  My Gentoo box
however, does use mysql.

This obviously poses something of a problem in terms of migration.  From a
mysql install of vpopmail to a non-mysql install of vpopmail.  

First question - I'm going to have to recreate all these email accounts by
hand aren't I...?

Second question - if we're going with a Non-Sql Integrated (NSI) version of
vpopmail we're going to stick with it.  How does one migrate data from one
NSI-vpopmail server to another?  How does it keep track of account
information if not with mysql?

Thanks everyone,
Scott Gamble

PS if someone wants to fill in the grey area of bringing vpopmail up with
mysql integration amidst this qmailrocks install, I'm sure that'd resolve
many of my issues and would be absolutely lovely - but I'm not officially
asking here for fear that I'll merely be shunted to the qmailrocks forum for
answers that don't appear to be forthcoming (I've already done that).

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