Tobias Orlamuende wrote:
Hi folks,

I wanted to get up-to-date with implementing SA on qmail/vpopmail.
I had a look at vpopmail 5.5.1 (because of the SA-support in it), but I currently doesn't compile. Bug-report was sent.

What are possible implementations of SA on vpopmail?

Currently the cluster counts about 100k mailboxes with an average of ~ 10k messages an hour.
Simscan (and clamav) is already installed.
Users don't have do have individual settings (would be nice, but needs IMHO too much hacking in qmailadmin).

Can anybody provide success-stories or give advice which solution could fit for this installation?

Well, not sure if it helps as we currently have less than 10k users on our system.

We have two avhosts that run MailScanner, these then send the ClamAV scanned messages down to our toasters running vpopmail. Milter-ahead is installed and verifing addresses against CHKUSER on the toasters.

Each toaster runs spamc from a .qmail file with per user prefs. I could not sell or even give away spam filtering without per user prefs. That may be because most of my clients are commercial.

We have the Maildirs on a NFS mount from a Sparc Enterprize which also runs spamd. Each toaster connects to the same spamd on an inside interface running 1gb FDX, same interface as the NFS and MySQL. No issues there. Vpopmail user info and SA user prefs are stored in MySQL on the NFS server.

We had been running at 100k messages a day with peaks of 20k per hour. With the use of Milter-ahead and CHKUSER this has dropped by 60%. Dictionary attacks never make it inside anymore.

We have been experiencing problems with some spam, not completely certain of the cause. Periodicly we see qmail-local just stop, all processes waiting, concurrancy local maxed out. This is only happening on users with spam filtering enabled. I have just upgraded SA to 3.0.4 as they identifed a possible issue of malformed headers causing problems. I also suspect that the script we use may be the cause, it is a modified copy of ifspamh.

Overall, the combination of MailScanner + Milter-ahead -> qmail + vpopmail(MySQL) + CHKUSER + spamc -> NFS Maildir + spamd + MySQL has proven reliable and very configurable.

I can give specs on my servers if you like. Hope this helps.


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