On Jun 17, 2005, at 7:52 AM, Tobias Orlamuende wrote:
What are possible implementations of SA on vpopmail?

Currently the cluster counts about 100k mailboxes with an average of ~ 10k
messages an hour.
Simscan (and clamav) is already installed.
Users don't have do have individual settings (would be nice, but needs IMHO
too much hacking in qmailadmin).

If you don't need individual settings, the easiest is to just have simscan call spamc. This way, you can reject spam at the SMTP level instead of bouncing it later on.

I know that Bill Shupp ported the SpamAssassin code from the 5.5 dev series into 5.4.10. I'm not sure if he made the patch available on SourceForge or not -- I'm sure he'll chime in on this thread before too long.

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