Am Freitag, 17. Juni 2005 20:29 schrieb Rick Macdougall:
> >How do you achieve this goal?
> >How do you let your users manage these settings?
> >How is performance when using SA with simscan?
> Hi,
> By using --enable-spamc-user=y with simscan and by using MySQL based
> preferences for spamd.  Users manage their options via a web page I
> modified from an earlier version of SA.

Could you please provide more detailed information - e.g. scripts how you do 
the MySQL thing?
What web-frontend do you use?
Are there any known implementations into qmailadmin or even horde?

> Performance is pretty good.  With have spamd running on it's own machine
> with 2 different servers calling it.  One server gets about 100K
> messages a day and the other gets about 40K messages a day.

I don't want to give it its own machine. Currently there are two identical 
machines running with kind of a load-balancer in front of it.
Both machines are Opteron 242 with each 4 GB of RAM.
IMHO this should be enough, shouldn't it?

> Regards,
> Rick



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