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On Friday 17 June 2005 12:47, Bruno Negrão wrote:
> But appears to me you are not using the Chkuser patch, right?

We are not, but I don't understand how that matters, since I'm only 
seeing these bounce messages coming from a handful of the domains 
we host (17).

> If not, chkuser is a patch to qmail-smtpd that enables it to check
> the existence of a local user before accepting the message.

I know what it is, but we as of yet do not run it because it is:
A> Not included in the Gentoo ebuild (we could likely add it easily 
enough though).
B> More importantly, I don't know how it would work with a backup 
MX.  Some Postfix nuts have said that you can somehow make the 
backup MX aware of all the users, but I don't know how or if the 
qmail patch supports anything like this, and I've also heard that 
it can be done with LDAP, but having never set up LDAP, that seems 
overly complex, and sounds like it would rely on some LDAP server 
being up which would defeat the purpose (our backup MX is at a 
geographically distant location, and is intended to be able to run 
fine in the event of all our other machines going down).

Ideas?  Further knowledge?

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