Tom Collins writes:
 > Keep in mind that qmail, vpopmail, courier and other programs all 
 > implement the same "maildirquota" methods.  You would need to make sure 
 > an improved system either doesn't break the other programs, or can be a 
 > drop-in replacement for the old code.

Alas, these calls are intrinsically not thread-safe, so the API into
them needs to be changed:

 > >       * vauth_getpw(user, domain)
 > >       * vmaildir_readquota(maildir, 
 > >       * format_maildirquota(mypw->pw_shell))

Are you willing to change the way that they're called so that they may
be called from threaded code?  I expect that they'll be called the
same way, but the value they return will be malloc'ed and will thus
need to be freed.  That introduces the least new complication.

Yeah, /me sings the "I've Got a Memory Leak in my Head" song.

Did I ever tell you how much I dislike threading?  Still, software
uses it and, um, it's good practice for writing thread-safe code.

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