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Does SENDER_NOCHECK="1" in tcp.smtp mean that all aspects of chkuser get bypassed when coming from that specific IP?

No. It means that no check is done on sender e-mail address (formal check on address).

I've been trying to implement this feature and having trouble getting any entry in tcp.smtp to bypass the chkuser rules.

My current tcp.smtp is


If I send to a bogus recipient from one of those IPs I still get the typical chkuser response that recipient doesn't exist. I guess I would have expected it to bypass chkuser and bounce telling me that user doesn't exist. Is this incorrect logic?

You could try defining and using CHKUSER_START = NONE, that would exclude any chkuser check. You could define a general CHKUSER_START = DOMAIN (or ALWAYS), using then the variable CHKUSER_START = NONE inside tcp.smtp for senders which are excluded from all chkuser features.

I did not think of it inside tcp.smtp, but it may fit your needs, try it.

(Be careful to enable all needed #defines, like #CHKUSER_STARTING_VARIABLE).




Thanks very much for the reply. It makes perfect sense with your suggestions. I'll give it a try.


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